The best-laid schemes o' mice an men


The ultimate tribal human

In my quest for physical health and wellbeing through nutrition I am very familiar with the circling arguments that appear online. A common trend on all sides (and not just in regards to nutrition) is this search for the mystical ‘natural man’. Some kind of ultimate tribal man who existed as God or evolution intended him to exist and should therefore be the pinnacle of human actualisation. Continue reading


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When Mr. Motivation comes knocking

There’s a pattern to my motivation. Once a month, unusually coinciding with the conclusion of that thing girls do, I feel a renewed vigour for life and all things creative and beautiful. The sun comes out to shine (literally today) and I’m buoyed by the prospects of untold opportunity just waiting to be grasped and eaten, nay, ripped from the bone by my teeth followed by a swig from my golden goblet and letting out a jubilant cry of HEY HO! Continue reading

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Flat head

After Curly was born, and before, there were numerous pamphlets shoved my way. Most were to do with safe sleeping and SIDS. I almost burst out laughing when at her 6 month check up with the nurse I was asked if I needed information about safe sleeping. Once again handed pamphlets about how to place your baby in the cot and all the do’s and don’ts prescribed the the SIDS prevention campaign (mostly relating to a newborn). Continue reading

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Reality check.

It’s natural to view the past through blurred glasses that focalise on events which affirm our worldview. I think I’ve been guilty of this. Writing this blog has forced me to remember the first 6 months, and it seems like such a world ago. I really hope I haven’t glossed over the bad too much and accentuated the positive (even thought that’s what the song tells us to do!). Smug mummy attitude always precedes major hair tearing frustrated mummy. Nothing like an irritated child to land us smack on the cold stone floor. Continue reading

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Sleep, dummies and moral imperatives

Whilst pregnant I bought a couple of dummies without any thought of using them or not. I especially liked a natural rubber dummy I bought, made me feel like a responsible earth mother. It had never occurred to me that dummy use was yet another should I? shouldn’t I? battleground of motherhood.   Continue reading

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A pre-baby list

Last year while my sister was still pregnant I put together a list of things to consider before baby (in her case, ‘babies’) came along. It’s by no means a comprehensive list – and catering more to a winter climate. I used to get frustrated at the lists I’d find online, even the ‘no fuss’ or ‘minimalist’ lists seemed a bit ridiculous. But I get it now, it’s difficult to comprehend or even imagine what it’ll be like having a tiny human in the house when it’s just been the two of you for so long. Well here’s my addition to the millions already existing on the internet.

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