The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

When Mr. Motivation comes knocking

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There’s a pattern to my motivation. Once a month, unusually coinciding with the conclusion of that thing girls do, I feel a renewed vigour for life and all things creative and beautiful. The sun comes out to shine (literally today) and I’m buoyed by the prospects of untold opportunity just waiting to be grasped and eaten, nay, ripped from the bone by my teeth followed by a swig from my golden goblet and letting out a jubilant cry of HEY HO! It sounds dramatic, and it is, like a bubbling well within full to capacity waiting to be opened. Curly is asleep and I’ve embarked on a mad frenzy of list writing, ‘Friday’s list of things to do’, ‘shopping’, ‘weekly schedule’, ‘pursuits’, ‘who am I?’ (Yes, that last one was legit). I know I’ve got about two weeks to get my act together and achieve something wonderful, succeed in something creative before this inspiration spikes and the dishes pile up again, laundry becomes a bit overwhelming and the rains of mundanity set it.

Lately I’ve decided to dedicate more of my time to fitness. A few weeks ago I set the rule that when the sun is shining Curly and I had to get out of the house and do something, anything. And now with my renewed motivation I’m keen to grab opportunities for exercise…but with a young toddler, this means being prepared. And nothing kills the spontaneous exercise mood like preparation, changing nappies, packing spare nappies, trying to stop Curly from emptying all the condoms out of the bedside drawer while finding suitable cycling cloths, working out what snacks to bring then realising Curly should probably have lunch before going anywhere. By the time we’re on the bike (we have a front carrier for Curly in case you were wondering) and cycling down the driveway, that inspired moment walked out the door an hour ago. It’s always an enjoyable time, but the next time Mr. Motivation comes knocking, there’s a lingering memory of our last ‘leaving the house’ operation which dulls his appearance somewhat.

Today, in my sun is shining, birds singing moment I came up with the idea that I could try and be prepared all the time! This means putting on some exercise/cycling gear when I get up in the morning, and not wearing my uggboots, pink dressing gown and bed hair until midday. So today’s outdoor activity is walking into town to buy some gear, I need that mid size – the not pregnant, but not quite pre-pregnant weight – size clothing. Because we all know that writing a list and buying things will get us closer to our goals right?


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