The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

The stage…

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I had a day yesterday of questioning every parenting decision I’ve ever made. H copped the brunt of it as per usual, “She doesn’t like me anymore!”
I’d spent the day with a stubborn little 15month old who couldn’t tell me what was up so there were tears, tantrums, biting and food spitting. Sometimes I like to imagine if adults behaved like toddlers, it tends to lighten the mood a bit. Everyone’s sat down for a nice dinner, Mrs Guest takes a big mouthful of food, pauses to stare at me and begins to push it all out with her tongue, a look of utter disgust and contempt on her face. Half chewed rissole dropping down her top and onto her lap, not breaking eye contact for a second…queue the awkward silence.

I thinks it’s a stage. They go through a few stages…first the 0-3 months, then 3-9 months, after that comes the 9-12 months…we’re in the 12-24 month bit. In other words, like every other living being Curly is growing and developing. I have to remind myself of that…she’s always going to be at some “stage” because as humans we never stop. I’ve definitely learnt to be more patient, she yells at me because I am her mum and she knows I will always love her no matter what.


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