The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

Try, Try and Try again.

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In respect to the title I’ve given this blog I’ve decided to share our latest ‘plans’ and what will be the next journey ahead of us. The baby-bug has bitten pretty bad, H and I would love to have a little brother or sister for Curly. Two months ago we decided to stop using protection and let nature take its course. It didn’t take long before the Master-General within reared his ugly head and starting taking control of things. Using Period Tracker on my phone I estimated what week was most important for baby-making and away we went. Six days before my period I couldn’t take the waiting anymore and did a test, nothing. Five days, nothing. Three days, nothing. And then my period came. I was a bit bamboozled, The last three times we’d tried I had become pregnant straight-away, albeit the first two were miscarriages…I thought I was a fertile myrtle.

So the next cycle came around, we gave it an even better chance this time. And now I’m five days and two negative pregnancy tests away from another period…maybe. There’s a lesson here for me, patience, faith. But the Master-general keeps butting in trying to make something, anything happen. The only problem is, googling gets you so far, but it doesn’t make babies – in fact it adds to anxiety with phrases like ‘secondary infertility’ popping up everywhere. There’s a small voice in the back of my head saying, pray, trust God, that also involves letting go. It’s what I’m going to do though. I don’t want to repeat what we went through trying to conceive the first time round.

I will start confessing in prayer and asking God for another baby, I will keep taking aspirin (100mg/day),  I will pay a visit to the doctor…and then…be patient and wait.


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