The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

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New Page!

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added a new page (top right), ‘My awkward life’. It’s a space for me to try and balance out all those misunderstood moments which seem to happen on a regular basis! I’ve included the two recent posts here. No doubt I will be updating the page fairly regularly…hopefully not too regularly. Continue reading


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Easy step by step guide to disciplining your toddler

I bet that heading got your attention, if only there were such a thing. Maybe I haven’t watched enough super nanny. Not being a parent makes parenting look so easy, now that I have a little 18 month old I’ve discovered that awkward between stage where she can’t talk yet but mostly understands my instructions, and yet her impulsive nature often wins over listening to mummy. I have discovered the importance of a plan, so that come the tears, tantrums and frustration (that’s just mum) there is a rational non-emotion fuelled way of responding to the tiny human who just left deep claw marks all over your neck. Continue reading


First Trimester Taboo

My secret is truly out of the bag at this point (7.5 weeks pregnant). It started with close friends, my sister, mother-in-law, mother, more friends, my hair dresser…once it’s out there’s no controlling the news. It got me thinking about how we treat the first trimester in our society, it’s unusual when someone is open and proud of their pregnancy before the ’12 week safety zone’, this goes against accepted convention. Continue reading