The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

New Page!

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If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve added a new page (top right), ‘My awkward life’. It’s a space for me to try and balance out all those misunderstood moments which seem to happen on a regular basis! I’ve included the two recent posts here. No doubt I will be updating the page fairly regularly…hopefully not too regularly.

Hug Stealer

I was at a cafe today with Curly, when an old school friend I hadn’t seen for a while came in. We briefly chatted and she went outside with her daughter for a coffee. As I was getting ready to leave she popped in again and leant over the bench seat to congratulate me on my pregnancy and wish me the best, thinking she was leaning in for a hug I obliged and gave her a hug. Only to realise moments later she was leaning in towards the bookshelf next to me to get some books for her daughter to read. No one said anything…we both pretended the hug was intentional.

Teaching Faux Pas

I was doing relief for a computer class when one of the students decided to take it upon himself to be handyman for the day. He was under the desk with scissors banging around trying to fix a faulty keyboard drawer. I tried to dissuade him, recommended finding another computer but the boy was determined…”I can fix this!” A support teacher meanwhile popped into the class to check on a few children, as she was leaving she stopped and asked the boy what he was doing. Unable to dissuade him herself she walked out and I followed stating “Everything’s under control miss!”
What I really meant: I was attempting to channel this young boy’s mucho handyman attitude, imitating what he might say to her.
What she thought: I was being an arrogant relief teacher asserting my authority in the classroom. (Not that she said this…but I could tell afterwards it didn’t go over how I meant).
I still feel embarrassed typing this up!



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