The best-laid schemes o' mice an men


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I had to re-read one of my posts today on disciplining a toddler. It’s obvious when I was writing that, my ability to logically rationalise and reason through my toddler’s behaviour hadn’t been affected yet by ‘fuzzy brain syndrome’…otherwise known as pregnancy. For the past two days I have cooked delicious meals for Curly only to have the spoon/bowl/cup of water whacked out of my hand onto the floor. Normally I could cope well with these fussy periods. I might sigh, lower my voice slightly just to be safe, clean up and move on. Today I’m ashamed to admit I cracked it a bit. I’d like to blame the pregnancy hormones…but in reality, a little eighteen month old doesn’t care about that. As Curly pushed her bowl out of the way and whacked a full spoon of pasta onto the floor I responded with a sharp smack to the hand and then began to cry with her. We both whinged and whined, “why can’t you just eat the food I give you!?”, “if you don’t want it just say no, don’t throw it!” Never-mind that my daughter still isn’t talking yet so probably doesn’t know how to say no.

Inside I know I’m probably pushing the food on her too strong, I know she needs time to adjust to new tastes blah blah blah. Being such a small child (pants for a 6-12 month old still fall off her they’re too big!) I often worry that she’s not eating enough. Add to that anxiety an explosion of pregnancy hormones, a tired toddler, limited food in the house and everything kind of goes to poo. After jumping on google for…who knows what, some kind of better insight I had to laugh at this golden line regarding fussy eaters...”As long as your toddler has a variety of foods from each of the four food groups, he’ll be fine.” Great, so all I need to do is get Curly to eat a VARIETY of food from ALL four food groups and we’re fine…easy right?

I’m need some supernatural strength to deal with these dramas, because right now I don’t feel much feel like the adult of the situation.


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