The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

My joys of parenthood

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The title of this post is not meant to be ironic. Below is a genuine list of some favourite lovelies with my daughter.

1. Cuddles. Especially when they’re accompanied by an “ahhhh” (read that as a soft sound not a scream!).

2. Mid-cuddle eye contact and smile. Sometimes Curly will look up suddenly from her cuddle, stare straight at me and smile before collapsing back into cuddle mode.

3. Her adorable excited run and squeals of laughter when we play chasey around the house.

4. When she catches the attention of a stranger and they exchange a smile or giggle. Proud mum.

5. The way she experiments with different senses, closing her eyes while eating, blocking or unblocking her ears, sticking a finger up her nose.

6. Watching her sleep.

7. The way her bottom lip will poke right out, and she will bury herself into me for protection if a stranger has frightened her.

8. The days when H. and I exclaim, “she’s changed!” There are weeks when we realise that Curly is suddenly that little bit older and more capable.

9. Her current obsession with the moon and stars, studying the sky intently for any sign of them in the middle of the day.

10. Her little “quack quack” and “toot toot” sounds for things that fly and move.


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