The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

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Getting rid of the dummy.

We did it again! The last week I’ve swung between absolute adoration for my husband to downright hatred (well that’s what it felt like at 3am in the morning when the giant lump kept snoring through baby and toddler cries). That’s what sleep deprivation does. It makes you irrational, cranky and unfair. Because my husband is actually amazing, he will never complain if I send him off at 3 am to deal with a crying toddler, or if I ask him to take the baby out at 5am so I can get some sleep, and it sure isn’t his fault that he sleeps deep. What’s caused this sleep deprivation? My four month old’s dependance on her dummy to get herself back to sleep.

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The second time.

It’s been a long time since  my last post. Over three months, and we now have a 10 week old baby and a 2 year old. I posted all about our journey with raising Curly, the lessons I learned, our efforts with sleeping, feeding, discipline. Well those lessons never stop, and now we have a chance to implement some of those things we learned with Immy (the newest member) AND find out if that annoyingly glib phrase is true…”all babies are different.” Continue reading

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When Mr. Motivation comes knocking

There’s a pattern to my motivation. Once a month, unusually coinciding with the conclusion of that thing girls do, I feel a renewed vigour for life and all things creative and beautiful. The sun comes out to shine (literally today) and I’m buoyed by the prospects of untold opportunity just waiting to be grasped and eaten, nay, ripped from the bone by my teeth followed by a swig from my golden goblet and letting out a jubilant cry of HEY HO! Continue reading

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Flat head

After Curly was born, and before, there were numerous pamphlets shoved my way. Most were to do with safe sleeping and SIDS. I almost burst out laughing when at her 6 month check up with the nurse I was asked if I needed information about safe sleeping. Once again handed pamphlets about how to place your baby in the cot and all the do’s and don’ts prescribed the the SIDS prevention campaign (mostly relating to a newborn). Continue reading

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Reality check.

It’s natural to view the past through blurred glasses that focalise on events which affirm our worldview. I think I’ve been guilty of this. Writing this blog has forced me to remember the first 6 months, and it seems like such a world ago. I really hope I haven’t glossed over the bad too much and accentuated the positive (even thought that’s what the song tells us to do!). Smug mummy attitude always precedes major hair tearing frustrated mummy. Nothing like an irritated child to land us smack on the cold stone floor. Continue reading