The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

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We should catch up!

There’s something difficult about moving to a new place in the twilight of your 20s. I’m sure it’s difficult at any time in your life, but in my circumstance I’ve noticed a few things that made finding friends a difficult task now I’m 32.

By 30, the majority of my friends were married, buying, bought or building a house and making babies. Time is preciously divided between immediate family, domestic duties, work, extended family (if your lucky) and those close friendships formed in the more carefree time-filled glory of our 20s.

I have those friends. But they’re now 4240km away on the other side of Australia. Continue reading


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Anxiety and Depression

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. My brain has been playing catch up to my life for the past six months, and the tension that’s created has meant sitting down and forming a cohesive blog post that I actually believe in is difficult. There’s about five draft posts waiting to be published, covering friendships, three year old tantrums and clingy 18month olds, but I started then couldn’t face making them public. Continue reading