The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

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Parenting Glossary

How to Speak ‘parent’ and ‘Internet parent’

Becoming a parent opens you up to a whole new world of vocabulary. Before you know it you’ll be dream-feeding your LO while DD1 is self-settling (thanks to that CIO method you used). Being a STM is so much easier than being a FTM, unless your DS2 happens to suffer from GERD…at least that’s what your CHN seems to think.

…and if you understood all that without even blinking, you don’t need this! Or maybe you do, just for the fun of reflecting on how thoroughly immersed in this world and language of parenting you are. It’s good to laugh at ourselves.

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The second time.

It’s been a long time since  my last post. Over three months, and we now have a 10 week old baby and a 2 year old. I posted all about our journey with raising Curly, the lessons I learned, our efforts with sleeping, feeding, discipline. Well those lessons never stop, and now we have a chance to implement some of those things we learned with Immy (the newest member) AND find out if that annoyingly glib phrase is true…”all babies are different.” Continue reading


First Trimester Taboo

My secret is truly out of the bag at this point (7.5 weeks pregnant). It started with close friends, my sister, mother-in-law, mother, more friends, my hair dresser…once it’s out there’s no controlling the news. It got me thinking about how we treat the first trimester in our society, it’s unusual when someone is open and proud of their pregnancy before the ’12 week safety zone’, this goes against accepted convention. Continue reading

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Try, Try and Try again.

In respect to the title I’ve given this blog I’ve decided to share our latest ‘plans’ and what will be the next journey ahead of us. The baby-bug has bitten pretty bad, H and I would love to have a little brother or sister for Curly. Two months ago we decided to stop using protection and let nature take its course. Continue reading

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A pre-baby list

Last year while my sister was still pregnant I put together a list of things to consider before baby (in her case, ‘babies’) came along. It’s by no means a comprehensive list – and catering more to a winter climate. I used to get frustrated at the lists I’d find online, even the ‘no fuss’ or ‘minimalist’ lists seemed a bit ridiculous. But I get it now, it’s difficult to comprehend or even imagine what it’ll be like having a tiny human in the house when it’s just been the two of you for so long. Well here’s my addition to the millions already existing on the internet.

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Curly (not her real name) was born in a little West Australian town March 2013, weighing a healthy 4.05kg with a strong heartbeat. Whilst still in the hospital I felt at one point that her breathing was a bit fast, but a midwife quickly dismissed my concerns claiming that this was normal. We took our little girl home after five days. Proudest moment walking down the hospital halls and into the car park holding our tiny little newborn. At home we sat on the couch and stared at her, “Now what?” I asked. We were elated and ready to start parenthood, but it didn’t take long before I started noticing other things seemed amiss.

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