The best-laid schemes o' mice an men


First Trimester Taboo

My secret is truly out of the bag at this point (7.5 weeks pregnant). It started with close friends, my sister, mother-in-law, mother, more friends, my hair dresser…once it’s out there’s no controlling the news. It got me thinking about how we treat the first trimester in our society, it’s unusual when someone is open and proud of their pregnancy before the ’12 week safety zone’, this goes against accepted convention. Continue reading



The best-laid schemes o’ mice an men

Lots of little girls play with dolls, I was no exception. My fascination, or obsession, with playing ‘mums and dad’s or ‘happy suburban family’ extended to my dreams. I would lie in bed at night and design the perfect suburban home, picturing myself preparing school lunches and driving the children around. When I was six and started year one I started to fantasise about marrying a boyfriend. I owned a large collection of marbles, including a couple of the big ones. Instead of playing the normal games most children would with marbles, I turned the bigger marbles into mum and dad whilst the little marbles were their large brood of children. Around the lounge room they would travel as a family. Continue reading