The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

Cute kids.

Quotes from my lovely lovelies. A record of their cuteness.

2017 (Curly 4yo, Immy 2yo)

Curly’s excuse for getting caught out of bed tonight…”Immy made me copy her!”

On the way to her first dance class.
Me: there’ll be a big room and a teacher who’ll tell you what to do.
Curly: But I already know what to do!

2016 (Curly 3yo, Immy 1yo)

Curly: “I don’t like sultanas because they’re too squishy and skin coloured on the inside of them”.

Curly: “Why do adults need mummies?”

After some mosquito swatting excitement in our house.
Curly: “What does kill mean?”

Upon being told it was quiet time, even between tears Curly was able to channel Anna (Frozen):
Curly: “I can’t live like this!”

Me: We have to get ready, you’re going to have dinner at Grandma’s tonight.
Curly: Without you?
Me: Yes
Curly: (squeal of delight) Yay! I LOVE Grandma!

A breakfast time musing
Curly: “I Love you Immy, because you love me.”

Holding Curly’s hand while we navigate a street.
Curly: “When me gets bigger I won’t hit myself.”

Me: “What do you mean you won’t hit yourself.”
Curly: “With a car.”

Me: “Stop following Immy around and telling her what to do”
Curly: “But she’s my baby dog.”

Curly: “Do you need to buy another new Immy?”

Me: “Dinner’s ready.”
Curly: “Yes! I’ll be there right soon.”

Wandering around a nursery Curly spots a statue of a child doing a wee into a pond (you know those weird fountains?).
Curly: (loudly for all too hear…at numerous stages throughout our wander) “That man’s doing a WEE mummy!”


Me: “Jesus loves you.”
Curly: “Yes, and he lives in my tummy!”