The best-laid schemes o' mice an men

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When the three year old won’t nap.

Toddlers go through many changes to their sleep patterns. The latest scary development in our house was Curly’s total resistance to any day sleep at all. Continue reading


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Getting rid of the dummy.

We did it again! The last week I’ve swung between absolute adoration for my husband to downright hatred (well that’s what it felt like at 3am in the morning when the giant lump kept snoring through baby and toddler cries). That’s what sleep deprivation does. It makes you irrational, cranky and unfair. Because my husband is actually amazing, he will never complain if I send him off at 3 am to deal with a crying toddler, or if I ask him to take the baby out at 5am so I can get some sleep, and it sure isn’t his fault that he sleeps deep. What’s caused this sleep deprivation? My four month old’s dependance on her dummy to get herself back to sleep.

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Sleep, dummies and moral imperatives

Whilst pregnant I bought a couple of dummies without any thought of using them or not. I especially liked a natural rubber dummy I bought, made me feel like a responsible earth mother. It had never occurred to me that dummy use was yet another should I? shouldn’t I? battleground of motherhood.   Continue reading